s a r a   s c h n e c k l o t h


Sara Schneckloth works in a variety of media as a way to explore the potential of contemporary drawing practice. Currently residing in South Carolina, Schneckloth holds an MFA from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and has lived and worked in Iowa, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and Cape Town, South Africa.   

Drawing on the visual culture of science, Schneckloth creates images that speak to the physical and emotional processes of remembering.  The notion of the gesture factors strongly into her work, figuring as both the mark on the page and as an invitation for viewers to intimately interact with her drawings. Her work has been shown throughout the US, France, and South Africa, and her essays on drawing theory and practice have appeared in the journal of visual culture and the Manifest International Drawing Annual

Schneckloth is an Associate Professor at the University of South Carolina in Columbia.


confluence i - china marker on paper, 96x107”

details in charcoal, graphite, china marker

current - installation view